2022-2023 NECHA Rules




NOTE:** = Denotes Rule updates


1. Two league meetings are held annually, it is mandatory that all
NECHA member team representatives attend these meetings.
2. The Commissioner is responsible for securing a meeting place and
creating meeting agenda. All NECHA member teams shall be
represented at each league meeting. Teams not represented shall be
fined ($50.00) unless otherwise determined by Commissioner.
3. Additional League meetings may be held as deemed necessary by the
Commissioner, or majority of NECHA member teams.

1. A NECHA Rules Committee exists to: settle any disputes between
league members, interpret league rules, investigate rule
violations and determine sanctions or supplementary discipline.
2. The NECHA Rules Committee is made up of the NECHA
Commissioner, and other individuals appointed by the NECHA
Commissioner. The Supervisor of Officials shall act as advisor
to the NECHA Rules Committee but may not participate in rulings
made by the NECHA Rules Committee.
3. The NECHA Rules Committee shall investigate all league rule
violations. All protests must be submitted to the league office in
4. The NECHA Commissioner shall summarize all major rule violations
acted upon by the NECHA Rules Committee during the previous
season at the Annual Spring meeting. Any NECHA member team not in
good standing may re-apply for full membership at a properly
noticed League Meeting.

1. League dues are $650.00 per full member team and $350 per
probationary team annually. Payment must be received no later
than November 1st annually or a $150 (One hundred fifty dollars)
fine shall be imposed. The annual NECHA League dues fee does not
include annual A.C.H.A. dues.
2. Each league member t e a m is required to maintain a $200.00
forfeiture fee with the NECHA League Office for expenses
incurred not funded. Should a team forfeit a game, this $200.00
forfeiture fee may be used to reimburse the league, any
opponent or officials for any expenses incurred due to the
forfeit. Any member team that uses their forfeiture fee must
replenish fund before the start of next season or shall be
suspended from league play. The forfeiture fee shall be carried
forward annually, if not used.
Any NECHA team that is required to reschedule a NECHA game must
inform the opposing team, assigned officials and the league office
at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled event
. If bad weather is
cause for cancellation, the team representative must contact the

opposing team’s designated representative, assigned ice
officials and the League Office at least 6 hours before the
Failure to comply with this procedure will result in a
2b.  A 15 minute grace period from the contracted starting time will be
allowed before a forfeit is declared by the league office.  NCAA rules
apply for opposing team tardiness.

3. NECHA league game results must be reported within 48 hours of
completion of game. A $25.00 fine shall be imposed for all
late score submissions.
4. Official copy of game sheets (white) shall be submitted
either by ice official or home team directly to NECHA league
5. A copy of the Team Roster and certified Eligibility Form
shall be submitted to NECHA league office prior to start of
season play.
6. Championship trophy must be returned to the League at least
one week prior to the playoffs, or a $50.00 fine will be
assessed to offending team. If a trophy is lost, stolen
or damaged, it must be replaced by or repaired by the last
team in possession.

1. All games played between NECHA teams shall be officiated
by qualified referees as assigned by the NECHA
Supervisor of Officials. Any team found using ice officials
for a game between two NECHA teams without authorization
from the NECHA Commissioner or Supervisor of Officials shall
be in violation of league rules and subject to
disciplinary action. Each team shall pay an annual
assigner’s fee to NECHA Supervisor of Officials at the
established rate set annually and utilize the payment system
for ice officiating services established by the Supervisor of
Officials at the start of each season.
2.  All member team complaints regarding officiating shall be
directed  to the NECHA Supervisor of Officials and the league office.
An electronic ice official rating system is provided by the Supervisor

of Officials for league members to utilize for this purpose.
3. All ice Officials for NECHA games must be members in
good standing and shall carry a policy of liability
insurance from USA Hockey and must be qualified as
determined by ACHA Rules and NECHA Supervisor of
Officials. Verification of compliance shall be managed by
the NECHA Supervisor of Officials and Commissioner.
4. A Committee appointed by the NECHA Commissioner made up of
member team representatives shall exist annually charged to

oversee evaluate the NECHA Supervisor of Officials
assignment and Officiating services. The Committee shall
report any recommended changes, no later than January 31
to the NECHA Commissioner.

It is mandatory for all NECHA teams to carry USA Hockey Insurance
which includes: Registration of all individual players and
c o a c h e s a n n u a l l y w i t h USA Hockey; Registration of the team
with ACHA and USA Hockey. Each team must v erify liability
insurance to the A C H A League
BEFORE their first contest.

1.Colonial and American Conferences Regular season play
officially begins after the Annual Fall meeting and shall be
completed no later than February 5, 2022. Patriot Conference
regular season must be completed no later than February 13, 2022.
1a. All NECHA games shall be sanctioned by NCAA playing
rules unless otherwise addressed in these NECHA Rules and
Regulations and/or in the ACHA Rules and Regulations, in which
case first the NECHA then the ACHA rule shall apply, when
1b. NECHA home game schedules must be submitted to the Commissioner
at the NECHA Fall meeting.
$100 fine may be imposed for failure to
comply with this rule.
1c. The home team is responsible to obtain a completed and signed
game contract from opponent no later than
14 days prior to a
scheduled event, otherwise Home team shall contact league office or
assume all risks due to cancellation.
1d. NECHA member teams
must give opponent at least 48 hours
notice for cancellation of a NECHA game unless weather related.
All cancelled NECHA League games must be rescheduled prior to
end of the season or the team responsible shall forfeit.
Ultimately, it is the responsibility of both teams to complete
their NECHA scheduling requirements. This fact implies the
possibility of bumping a non-NECHA contest to complete the NECHA
schedule. Member-team representatives maintain sole responsibility
for the decision to travel to a scheduled contest. NECHA league
guidelines are established to govern competition and not to
discourage student safety related decisions.
Home Team Cancellation If a home team cancels a NECHA game affecting
the league standings within the prescribed guidelines in 1d. The home
team is responsible for rescheduling the contest. It is preferred that
the rescheduled game be played at the home team’s usual ice arena.
However, if the home team cannot reschedule event at their home arena,
a neutral arena may be used or lastly, the visiting team may offer to
secure ice at their home ice arena at the home team’s expense including
ice rental costs and officials. Home team retains home ice advantage
for rescheduled game. If a NECHA game affecting the league standings
is not played due to a home team cancellation then the home team
bears ultimate responsibility for incomplete schedule and shall
1f. In the event of a NECHA game cancellation, the League Commissioner
will retain responsibility for declaring a forfeit, based on the

information available. SEE ALSO SECTION III, PART 2
1g.  Visiting team cancellation.  If a visiting team cancels a
contest within the prescribed guidelines in 1d, the visiting
team is responsible for paying all incurred expenses, which
cannot be avoided or recovered by the home team.  If the home team
is unable to secure ice time for a rescheduled contest, the visiting team
shall be responsible to make a good-faith effort to schedule ice.  If all
costs are recovered from the original scheduled contest, the home team
will be responsible for all game expenses minus any transportation costs.
Detailed invoices shall be submitted to the NECHA league office or the
opponent’s designated representative for verification and recovery of any
expenses.  The Commissioner shall retain responsibility for declaring a
forfeit, based on the information available.  If a visiting team is found to
be negligent of fullfilling a scheduled event, a penalty shall be imposed by
the Commissioner, which may include automatic elimination from 
playoffs, a fine, possible suspension or expulsion from the
1h. The NECHA League Office and/or the NECHA Supervisor of Officials
shall be informed of any cancellations of any scheduled NECHA contest.
Only the NECHA Commissioner may authorize an emergency
postponement at the request of a team representative.
**2. Top two teams in each Division of the Patriot Conference receive
automatic invitations to the NECHA Playoffs. Patriot Semifinal 2 vs. 1 cross–
divisional format. American and Colonial
Conferences Division Champions receive bye. 2
nd place team
hosts 3
rd place team within Division in Quarterfinals.
Winners proceed to semi-finals and play cross divisional
opponent in Semi Final. Winners proceed to Championship.
**3. American and Colonial Conferences will play Semi-finals
February 12
th and Championship games on Feb. 13th 2022.
Patriot Conference Semi-Final games will be played on February 18th
and Championship game on February 19th, 2022.  All Semi
final and
Championship playoff game expenses shall be paid by
the NECHA League Office. All individual team travel and housing
expenses shall be paid by that individual NECHA team participating
in playoffs.

1. Team with most points,(win = 2pts., tie = 1pt. for each team
and overtime win = 2 p t s . and overtime loss = 1 p t . ) if
teams are tied;
2. Team with most wins, if teams still tied;
3. Head to head record with teams tied, (Includes goals for and
against in league games being compared) if still tied;
4. Team with least amount of goals scored against them in NECHA
regular season standings, if still tied;
5. Team with least total penalty minutes in NECHA regular season.
In all NECHA League Conferences: The highest seeded team will play
the lowest seeded team in semi-final round. In the event of a
tie, team with the best NECHA league record as indicated in
Section VII is higher seed. If a tie in the regular season
record occurs between two teams and there are three teams from
one division of a conference proceeding to the Semi-final round
then the team from the weighted division shall be the higher
seed. If still tied, team with the higher ACHA regional
ranking is higher seed. The higher seeded team always receives
home ice advantage (includes jersey colors and line changing
advantages) and choice of desired game dates and times, if

1. Rotating Trophy to Playoff Champions for one (1) year.
2. Keeper Trophy for each Playoff Championship Finalist.
3. Keeper Trophy each Conference/Division Regular Season Champion.
4. Individual medal for each player of NECHA Playoff Champions.
5. Keeper award for all All-Star Team members.
6. Individual awards as deemed appropriate by league.

a.A copy of the official ACHA player roster must be
submitted by each NECHA member team to the NECHA
League office prior first scheduled game. The roster
must visibly show the validation stamp of the
institution’s Registrar. Teams who do not submit a roster
prior to their first game will be fined $150.00 and
required to forfeit all games where a participant is found
to be ineligible.
b. Any player(s)added to the original team roster must be
verified by school registrar and submitted to the ACHA
and NECHA league office prior to the individual(s)
participating in a NECHA game.
c. ID checks may be required during the season. It is
expected that all participating players shall carry
picture identification with them to all games in case of
a positive identification challenge situation.
1.  Final rosters shall be frozen on February 1, 2022.  All
additions to a team roster must be postmarked by January
31, 2022 for player to be eligible for NECHA League
2. The official team roster must be certified (stamped) by
your institution’s school registrar to verify player
eligibility in compliance with ACHA eligibility rules.
The roster shall be filled out clearly and completely
and submitted to the school registrar for verification.
Any team found playing with an ineligible player shall
all games in which this infraction has occurred
and may receive additional sanctions.

3. Player Eligibility is determined as follows:
Undergraduate Status:
Please refer to the ACHA eligibility guidelines
Graduate Status:
Please refer to the ACHA eligibility guidelines
All teams must submit a copy of official ACHA
player eligibility rosters to the NECHA league office
before their first game of each season and no later
than November 1st annually.

1. All league play shall be sanctioned by ACHA, NCAA and NECHA
If an NCAA rule differs from NECHA or ACHA rules
governing play then first the NECHA and after the ACHA rule
shall apply.
2. NECHA Teams may dress a maximum of twenty-one (21)
players. 18 players and 3 goalies or 19 players and 2
goalies may participate in each NECHA contest.
All teams
must have an alternate goalkeeper but are not required to
dress more than one per game. No penalty shall be assessed
if injury forces change of goalie.
3. All NECHA games shall consist of three (3) 20-minute periods
with ice resurfacing between each period.
4. Overtime results shall count in the NECHA regular season
standings. A team winning in overtime receives two points and
a team losing in overtime receives one point for the tie in
regulation in the league standings. Overtime format shall
proceed according to ACHA rules for regular season.
5-on-4 OT:
When regulation time ends and the teams are 5-on-4, teams
will start overtime 4- on-3. Once player strength reaches 4-
on-4, at the next stoppage of play, player strength is
adjusted to 3-on-3.
5-on-3 OT:
When regulation time ends and the teams are 5-on-3, teams
will start overtime 5- on-3. Once player strength reaches 5-
on-4 or 5-on-5, at the next stoppage of play, player
strength is adjusted to 4-on-3 or 3-on-3 as appropriate.
4-on-4 OT:
When regulation ends and teams are 4-on-4, teams will start
overtime 3-on-3. Once player strength reaches 4-on-4, at the
next stoppage of play, player strength is adjusted to 3-on-3
as appropriate.

At no time will a team have less than three (3) players on
the ice. This may require additional players to be added and
at the next stoppage of play, player strength is adjusted as
Teams will have a 3-player shoot-out if games are tied after
a 5-minute overtime period. If a penalized player’s penalty
time has not expired prior to the end of overtime, that
player may NOT participate in the shootout. If, after 3
players have participated in the shoot out from each team
and the game is still tied, teams will simply alternate
shooters until a winner is determined.
Additional Info:
1.) Referees are now required to blow whistles on goals.
The rationale is that play must stop when a goal is scored.
2.) NCAA Rules Book:
5. NECHA GAME DEFINED: Any contest between two NECHA teams.
Game Misconduct and Game Disqualification penalties have
historically caused confusion among participants and the
definitions below are to help provide a better
understanding of requirements:
GAME MISCONDUCT: is defined as a major infraction of the
rules in which the referee ejects a participant for the
remainder of the game. NCAA rules state that any
participant receiving a game misconduct is ejected for
remainder of that game only.
NOTE: ACHA Rules require that any participant receiving three
(3) Game Misconducts in a season must sit out the next
scheduled game. This rule applies to the progressive
suspension rule (See Rule IX. 8a.)
b. GAME DISQUALIFICATION: Rule infraction in which a
participant is ejected for the remainder of the game and next
game on the official Master team schedule. Subject to
progression rule (See Rule 8a. below).
PROGRESSIVE SUSPENSION RULE: Any participant that receives
second game disqualification in a season shall not
participate in the next two games. The Progressive
suspension rule applies hereinafter (ex. third
disqualification = three games, etc.). Repeat offenders
w i l l be reviewed by the NECHA Commissioner and may be
suspended for the remainder of the season including the
NECHA playoffs. All suspensions carry over from year to year.

8b. It is the responsibility of the home team to notify the
League Office of all game misconduct a n d / or
disqualification penalties and game results in a timely
manner following the event.
8c. If a player or coach is found participating in a game during
suspension further disciplinary action shall be applied
including possible forfeit of game and suspension for
remainder of the season.
SCHEDULING: All NECHA games must be scheduled after 4:00
PM and before 9:15 PM on weekdays. Unless pre-approved by
opponent and the league office.
COACH: A non-playing coach must be on the bench for each
entire game or a forfeit shall be declared. The Head coach
shall be a certified coach under USA Hockey and Meet ACHA
qualifications. Coach should remain consistently present at
all events throughout the season. Head coach contact
information and any changes in coach personnel during the
season shall be submitted to the League office before
participation. Any participating coach for a NECHA game must
be thoroughly familiar with all ACHA, NECHA and NCAA
playing rules.

a. All NECHA players must wear HECC approved facemasks.
All players must have a chin-strap securing the helmet
to their head and must wear a mouth guard at all
times during game play. Additional equipment
requirements may apply as deemed by NCAA and/or ACHA
Rules or guidelines.
b. All NECHA players participating in games must wear
full hockey outfit with all safety equipment as stated
under NCAA/ACHA hockey guidelines.
c. Each team must have a separate and complete set of
matching home and away game uniforms with a unique
number adhered on back of each player. If a NECHA team
determines that a set of their jerseys are unusable or
unavailable for game play, they must contact their
opponent and the NECHA league office prior to the day
of the scheduled game. It is recommended that player
numbers remain the same throughout the season for
accurate statistics.

a. To provide timer and scorer. To provide a safe
environment for participants including
security, if
deemed necessary by the league office.
Timer and
scorer are to act and be treated as off-ice officials.
b. To confirm the scheduling of i c e officials with
the NECHA Supervisor of Officials for each home game.

c. To confirm game contracts with opponents for all
home games at least 14 days prior to the
scheduled event. Confirmation includes a verbal
understanding with opponent of the game date and start
time, uniform colors of each team and directions to the
home rink.
d. To provide a certified athletic trainer, stocked
first-aid kit and immediate access to
ambulatory/emergency medical technician services.
e. Assure
white copy of the official game sheet is
signed by opposing coach, all participating ice
officials and sent to league office in a timely manner.
f. To input game results and statistical information
into computer system provided by league and to
notify the ACHA and NECHA League Office of any
misconduct and disqualification penalties after
completion of the contest.
If a NECHA game results and
penalty notifications are not received within 48 hours of
completion of game a $25.00 fine shall be imposed for each

1. The Commissioner shall be responsible for the following
a. Serve on Tournament Committees.
b. Assure entrance tickets and accrued funds are managed.
c. Perform Student ID checks for participants in games.
d. Act as an off-ice official.
e. Assist with security issues.
2. The Tournament Committee membership shall consist of the
NECHA Commissioner, NECHA Vice President ,
Supervisor of Officials and NECHA member team
representatives appointed by the Commissioner. The
Tournament committee’s tasks are to evaluate all
playoff proposals; decide upon a playoff location; and
execute everything necessary to present an annual league
playoff tournament. Present the league with details
involving playoffs. Committee members are requested to
attend the Semi-final and final portion of the
playoffs. The Committee members may be required to help
resolve all tasks and issues needing attention during
the NECHA league playoffs.
3. Tournament Committee members that have a conflict of
interest shall not serve on the protest committee. A
conflict shall be deemed likely if a member has a clear
association with a member team, which remains active in
the playoffs. Tournament Committee members with teams

remaining may stay involved in task related assignments.
4. The NECHA All-star Game Committee shall consist of the
NECHA Commissioner and appointed NECHA member team
5. The NECHA All-star Game Committee’s tasks are to establish
date, time and location of an annual NECHA member All Star
event, establish the process for selecting NECHA member team
players for all-star teams. Plan all promotion and
logistics for event. Plan and facilitate all related
6. The All-Star Challenge Event hosted by the ACHA occurs
every other year and NECHA is a recognized league invited
to submit an All-Star team consisting of 20 to 25
participants. A Committee to manage the logistics of
this event shall be appointed by the NECHA Commissioner
each season of the event to plan, determine criteria for
selecting participants, research and determine necessary
expenses associated with this event.